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Trestle Board and Events for Matthews Masonic Lodge #461 AF&AM
Updated: October, 2017

                                        WM        Scott Lee

     SW       Rex Kirkland                                                       SD   Bishay Ferris
    JW        Brian Turner                                                        JD   Jay Gurian       
    Treas.   Jay Jacobs                                                          SS   Robert Bassolino
    Secy.    Ed Steel, PM/DDGL                                             JS    Bryan Linton
    Chap.   Danny Takah, PM                                                TLR  Gary Hiatt


                                        TRESTLE BOARD

Thursday, October 12th - Stated Communication 
    - 6:00pm - Dinner TBD
    - 7:00pm - Meeting

Upcoming Lodge Events


*  Tuesday, October 17th - School of Instruction
    - 6:00PM - Dinner TBD
    - 7:00PM - School of Instruction

*  Wednesday, October 18th - School of Instruction
    - 6:00PM - Dinner TBD
    - 7:00PM - School of Instruction

Masters Message


Greetings Brethren,

 We had a great 2nd degree on the 28th where we welcomed 3 new Fellowcraft brothers. All of the line officers and guests did a great job. These brothers are very excited to continue their journey and we are targeting December to raise them to the sublime degree of Master Mason. That being said, we need a lot of help with the 3rd degree. As you can see we have a busy month ahead of us here in October. But we are still squeezing in a couple of practices. I would like to use mostly the same 3rd degree team but we still need fellowcraft and such. If you are available for those practices and the ones coming in November, please plan to attend.

We also had a great Grand Lodge meeting. I will be providing information at this months stated on how those proceedings went. While at the Grand Lodge, I was able to connect with some of the administrators at the Oxford Home and they now have us on the schedule right after the parade. We will be coordinating our trip up there at the stated next week so we can present the funds collected as a lodge. There’s still time if you would like to donate additionally to the pot but brothers...we reached our goal.I don’t have an exact count as they are all still in the piggy banks, but based on the estimates we have exceeded the goal of $500. If any brother would like to donate more, please be at the lodge for our stated or one of the practices. If you would like to join us for the presentation on Oct 14, please let me know and I’ll let you know the plans that were made at the stated. Thank you brothers. This lodge has been great in getting this goal achieved.

Last item brothers, WB Marvin Johnson and WB Mike Warr Sr. are cooking a very special dinner for our December stated. This is also the past masters dinner and election night. This is a very important night and I would like to personally invite you and your families to attend this dinner.  There will be no cost to you or your family for the meal. I encourage EVERY Mason to attend and share a meal with your brothers.  The menu for the evening is forthcoming. Those who
will be attending, please contact Marvin (704-579-7002) or Mike (704-579-7001) so we can get an
accurate headcount. Thank you brothers and I hope to see all of you there.



 Scott Lee (WM)
 704-960-8500 (cell)



From the Secretary


There are still brothers that have yet to cover 2017 dues.  Please send those dues in as the lodge counts on those funds to operate.  Have a great Fall. 


Ed Steel 704-281-3602 (cell) Dr.EdSteel@att.net




Happy Birthday

Thank you to these brothers who have contributed yet another year to the cause of Masonry. We wish you a happy birthday and many more!

Prayer List

Please remember all of our brothers and their families in your prayers and forget not to thank the Grand Artificer of the Universe for all of the blessings and wonders that he has
generously seen fit to bestow upon us all.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)


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Matthews Lodge #461
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