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Trestle Board and Events for Matthews Masonic Lodge #461 AF&AM
Updated: Aug, 2017

                                        WM        Scott Lee

     SW       Rex Kirkland                                                       SD   Bishay Ferris
    JW        Brian Turner                                                        JD   Jay Gurian       
    Treas.   Jay Jacobs                                                          SS   Robert Bassolino
    Secy.    Ed Steel, PM/DDGL                                             JS    Bryan Linton
    Chap.   Danny Takah, PM                                                TLR  Gary Hiatt


                                        TRESTLE BOARD

Thursday, Aug 10th - Stated Communication 
    - 6:00pm - Dinner TBD
    - 7:00pm - Meeting

Upcoming Lodge Events


*  Thursday, Aug 17th - 3rd Degree
    - 6:00PM - Dinner TBD
    - 7:00PM - 3rd Degree

* Saturday September 2nd - Matthews Alive Parade
    - Saturday Morning - Still Need Volunteers - 4 to 6 hour shift

Masters Message


Greetings Brethren,

    I hope your summer has been going well. Our joint 1st Degree with Mint Hill went very well. We had a great turnout from both lodges and put on a fantastic degree for the 3 candidates. Thank you to all that attended and especially thank you to the officers for some truly stellar degree work.

    We will be holding a 3rd degree on August 17th. We will still need Fellow Craft for the degree, so please plan to attend. I hope to see everyone there for our brother Kanan as he is raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

    Matthews Alive is a little over 3 weeks away! We still need quite a few people to assist. Even if you have told me before that you can help, please email, call or tell me again that you can help AND if you have any friends or family joining. They do not need to be masons to help us out. The more help we have, the better time we will all have. We need about 4 - 6 hours of your time on Saturday September 2nd, in the morning. I will have a signup sheet at the stated tonight. 

    Please remember our Oxford Children's Home piggy bank fundraiser. We are making progress and are at about $320 in the Lodge, but we seemed to have stalled. We need to step it up to hit our $500 goal by October. There are only 2 Stated Meetings left to achieve out goal and one of them is tonight. If you have a full piggy bank, bring it to a degree or to the stated to exchange it for an empty one. If you don't have your piggy bank yet, they will be available at all lodge meetings.

    We are approaching the 4th quarter and we need to start thinking about next year. We have has several open chairs this year in the line and we need some brothers who would like a patch to the East to step in now. Filling in a seat for the duration of this year will help the incoming master understand who will be available next year. If you've ever wanted to sit in the East it's always good to sit in all the chairs, but there is an opportunity to get to the east without sitting in all the chairs right now. If you have any questions or have any interest, please contact me right away. I will be happy to discuss what you can do to help and what the possibilities are for you this and next year. I know there are a few of you out there and I hope to hear from you soon.



 Scott Lee (WM)
 704-960-8500 (cell)



From the Secretary


There are still brothers that have yet to cover 2017 dues.  Please send those dues in as the lodge counts on those funds to operate.  Have a great Summer. 


Ed Steel 704-281-3602 (cell) Dr.EdSteel@att.net




Happy Birthday

Thank you to these brothers who have contributed yet another year to the cause of Masonry. We wish you a happy birthday and many more!

Prayer List

Please remember all of our brothers and their families in your prayers and forget not to thank the Grand Artificer of the Universe for all of the blessings and wonders that he has
generously seen fit to bestow upon us all.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)


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Matthews Lodge #461
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