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Trestle Board & Events

Trestle Board and Events for Matthews Masonic Lodge #461 AF&AM
Updated: April, 2018

                                        WM   Rex Kirkland

     SW       Brian Turner, DDGL   704-340-3979          SD   Dutch Wermuth      941-447-3221            
    JW        Cliff Boon, PM            704-791-0860          JD   Kenan Tataragasi   910-638-3851
    Treas.   Jay Jacobs                 704-301-6915          SS   Geary Shafer           704-242-3940
    Secy.    Ed Steel, PM/DDGM   704-281-3602          JS    Chris Watson          704-575-8807
    Chap.   Danny Takah, PM       704-507-4081          TLR  Miles Wojtczak       704-292-4705


                                        TRESTLE BOARD

Thursday, April 12th - Stated Communication
    - 6:00pm - Dinner 
        - BBQ Ribs
        - Baked Beans
        - Slaw
        - Corn Bread 
        - Dessert - Banana Pudding
    - 7:00pm - Meeting

Upcoming Lodge Events

Saturday, April 7th - Lodge Clean Up Day! 
     7:30AM - Bojangles Biscuit Breakfast
      8:00AM - Lodge Clean Up


Monday, April 9th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, April 16th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, April 23rd - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, April 30th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Tuesday April 24th - District Wide - Entered Apprentice Degree
 - Phalanx Lodge # 31
      500 N. Sharon Amity Road
      Charlotte, NC 28211
      - 6:30pm - Dinner
      - 7:30pm - Degree


Masters Message


    Let us pause for a moment and remember the message of Easter. The resurrection of Christ is reflected in the “changing of the seasons” with the return of life as we witness the beauty of spring. I hope you and your families had a “Happy Easter”.


 Rex Kirkland (WM)
 704-654-9534 (cell)



From the Secretary


Just a friendly reminder, there are still 22 Brothers who have not paid their 2018 dues. Delinquent notices were sent out last month and I want to thank all the Brothers that sent in their dues. It is greatly appreciated. If you have yet to pay your dues, please do so immediately.


 Ed Steel
 704-281-3602 (cell)




Happy Birthday

Thank you to these brothers who have contributed yet another year to the cause of Masonry. We wish you a happy birthday and many more!

Prayer List


Please continue to pray for WB Larry Cauthen, WB Grady Williams and Chris Watson in your daily devotions. Remember to thank the Grand Artificer of the Universe for all the blessings and wonders that he has generously seen fit to bestow upon us all.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)


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Matthews Lodge #461
184 South Trade Street
Matthews NC, 28105
(704) 281-3602

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