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Trestle Board and Events for Matthews Masonic Lodge #461 AF&AM
184 S. Trade Street, P.O. BOX 1527 Matthews, NC 28105
Updated: January, 2019

                                        WM   Brian Tuner, DDGL

SW       Cliff Boon, PM                 704-791-0860          SD   Kenan Tataragasi   910-638-3851           
JW       Dutch Wermuth               941-447-3221          JD   Geary Shafer           704-242-3940
Treas.   Jay Jacobs                     704-301-6915          SS   David Smith            480-390-8708
Secy.    Ed Steel, PM/DDGM       704-281-3602          JS   Gary Hiatt                704-712-3814
Chap.   Danny Takah, PM           704-507-4081          TLR  Alan Campbell       704-957-1278


                                        TRESTLE BOARD

Thursday, January 10th - Stated Communication
    - 6:00pm - Dinner 
        - Grilled Pork Chops
        - Mashed Potatoes
        - Collard Greens
        - Yams
        - Surprise Desert
    - 7:00pm - Meeting

Upcoming Lodge Events





Monday, January 7th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, January 14th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, January 21st - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Monday, January 28th - Officer Practice 
     - 7:00pm - Practice

Masters Message




With January closing out the busy holiday season, hopefully we all took a little time to reflect upon and give thanks for the manifold blessings and comforts we enjoy. It’s easy to get caught up in the material side of the Christmas season, but please remember to pause and appreciate one’s family and friends. If you know of someone going through troubled times, don’t overlook the importance of sending a note of encouragement, giving them a call, or remembering them in your prayers.

January is also a time to plan for and establish goals for the ensuing year!  My company also agrees with this philosophy as they have scheduled their corporate planning meeting in California during the week of our Stated Communication. Regrettably, I’ll be missing our first meeting. W. Bro. Rex Kirkland has agreed to conduct January’s meeting in my absence. I am looking forward to joining you in February to rollout the overall agenda for 2019 as we celebrate the lodge’s 125th Anniversary this year.

In the meantime, I’ll be working to fill committee requirements and have the year rolling off to a good start.




 Rex Kirkland (WM)
 704-654-9534 (cell)



From the Secretary





I hope every member of Matthews Lodge has committed to attend this years Installation Ceremony. The Worshipful Master is catering a wonderful meal for after the brief ceremony. Please contact him to make your reservation.

Please remember that your 2019 Annual Dues is due and payable on or before January 1st. It would be a monumental occasion if no late notices were mailed out (and less work for me)!



 Ed Steel
 704-281-3602 (cell)




Happy Birthday

Thank you to these brothers who have contributed yet another year to the cause of Masonry. We wish you a happy birthday and many more!

Thomas G Austin                      Cliff Boon                    John Carriker                Ted Flowe, Sr

Arvin Hargett                            Grant Holmes               William Holmes            John McKee

Leslie Taylor                            Billy Ward                    Christopher Watson            Walter Watson

Timothy Hartman

Prayer List


WB Glenn Ford is currently at Matthews Presbyterian in room 430. Please visit, call, and keep him your prayers

Remember to thank the Grand Artificer of the Universe for all the blessings and wonders that he has generously seen fit to bestow upon us all.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)


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Matthews Lodge #461
184 South Trade Street
Matthews NC, 28105
(704) 281-3602

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